At Headfort, we know that education is a means of liberation, rather than confinement. We empower children, building on their innate strengths to enable them to become thoughtful, independent and dependable. We work for more than excellent grades: at Headfort, we make sure that every child thrives.


The happiness and emotional well-being of your child is of paramount importance to us at Headfort, and providing a safe, structured and encouraging environment is an essential part of our philosophy. We aim to help equip each child for life through creating positive relationships with peers, teachers and care providers, as well as parents.

Healthy Eating

Educating children about food and encouraging them to make good choices around nutrition is as important as an extra subject at Headfort. With full, active schedules, healthy and nutritious meals are essential to energise and to foster the well-being of the students. Cookery lessons are just one of the many extra-curricular activities on offer at Headfort.

Headfort is a magical learning environment for children, where they are encouraged through learning and playing to be critical, rather than dutiful, thinkers.

Confidence & Public Speaking

Public speaking as a means to helping students to acquire confidence and self-esteem is mandatory at Headfort. We hear again and again from our former pupils that the experience they received at Headfort gave them the skills and confidence required in later life for presentations and speeches.

Our pupils do seem to recognise the magical qualities of Headfort; and they ‘lean into’ the magic in a wonderfully unselfconscious way.

Dermot Dix, Headmaster

Just a note to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for what you did for my son at Headfort over the last few years. I don't think he appreciates it at his still young age, but he came on in leaps and bounds while at Headfort. You provided discipline, guidance, support, education, and most of all stability for him at a vulnerable age and stage. Your staff are exceptional people and I would greatly appreciate your letting them know that. We had some rocky times and I greatly appreciate your willingness to help.... Your school is a fine institution with a wonderful ethos and long may it last.

A recent parent

Pastoral Care

Providing the best possible care for the physical, mental and emotional happiness and well-being of our pupils is at the core of Headfort’s ethos. Our team of professionals ensures that children are listened to, guided and encouraged, creating an atmosphere in which children feel valued and safe, and in which all members of the Headfort community are treated with equal respect and dignity.


"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." - Ignacio Estrada

Headfort’s grand proportions, fine architecture and beautiful grounds make it a natural place for artistic pursuits.


Reading is an everyday part of Headfort’s culture. We have a good central library and there are satellites in most form rooms. The various departments also maintain small libraries. We are happy to offer guidance to parents over the choice of books.


We have a considerable dramatic tradition. Each year we stage several productions in our own theatre in the Stable Yard. At junior level, we prefer the form-play approach; the youngest children generally perform a musical, while for the seniors we have either several form plays, or one larger production.


Music is a constant part of life at the school, with about half of the children electing to be taught a wide variety of instruments. Headfort’s annual concert is performed in the summer term, and children play as soloists or in small groups. The school also has a choir and two rock bands, one for the older children and one for young enthusiasts.

Art & Design

Art & Design are important parts of the curriculum and the school’s excellent art and design facilities are made available where possible to children in breaks, play-times and at weekends. While every child receives at least two periods of Art/Design a week which also offer instruction in appreciation and history of art, pupils are also encouraged to avail of these opportunities to pursue their own particular interests, from figure drawing and illustrating stories to model making and animation. A thorough understanding of and competence in the basic skills and techniques of Art provide children with the tools needed to express themselves visually, adding to their individual skill sets and also enhancing self-confidence.

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