Development fund for Headfort School & Junior School

Headfort is in the process of preparing and instituting a 10-Year Development Plan, to be paid for by the development fund, in order to enrich and broaden its amenities and landscape. The fund impacts on all areas of the school, from the academic to sports and infrastructural and is currently in a state of preparation.

In advance of the official publication of the plan and launch of the fund,  we wanted to list just some of the items we are considering in case they might resonate with a potential donor. Please be advised that this list, in no particular order, represents just a small part of the larger picture and is subject to change on an ongoing basis.

  • Phase 1 development of IT infrastructure (completed)
  • Re-launching of Headfort Junior School facilities (completed)
  • Extensive re-wiring of classrooms and amenities (completed)
  • Phase 1 construction of dedicated student theatre (completed)
  • Build ramp to ensure that main building is accessible to wheelchairs (completed)
  • Tarmacadam driveway (completed)
  • Phase 2 development of IT infrastructure
  • Phase 2 development of theatre
  • Upgrading of Science laboratory equipment and Art & Design equipment/supplies
  • Renovation and extension of girls’ dormitories
  • Extension of staff accommodation
  • Support for staff professional development
  • Development/improvement of swimming facilities
  • Improvements to games pitches; development of astro- or all-weather pitches; sports hall; basketball facilities
  • Extension of land on which children can play, ride, fish and explore
  • Building of new pavilion / changing facilities for games

If you would like to support a particular item or items, or would like to support our work in any other way, please let us know by contacting Alice Nugent (Board Member) at

All enquiries will be treated as confidential and private. With your help, Headfort will continue to thrive as one of Ireland’s leading voices in educational excellence.