Headfort’s unparalleled grounds and sporting amenities provide acres on which children can play and explore in a safe environment, under the diligent care of experienced teaching and pastoral staff. Facts and figures are supplemented with experience, and through play, whether in the classroom or outside, every child is encouraged to become a partner in their own education, and to feel enjoyment in their own learning.


Rugby is the principal game for boys in the autumn term, catering for abilities and skills of all levels. Our under-13 team plays matches mainly against teams from the junior end of Irish secondary schools; we also arrange matches at the under-11 and under-12 levels. There are tours to Scotland every second year, and Headfort often entertains visiting Scottish and English sides.


Historically cricket has been an important sport at Headfort, and the school has arranged tours to places as far afield as South Africa. Girls compete on equal terms with boys. Headfort has permanent nets for practice, which the children often make good use of during recreational time.

We give our pupils tremendous freedom at Headfort. There are acres of space and – just as important – plenty of time in which to enjoy that space.

Dermot Dix, Headmaster (2013-2018)

Headfort instills confidence, kindness and a fabulous work ethic. I would not hesitate to recommend Headfort, it really is a unique school that my children have been lucky enough to experience. Thank you.

Katharine Bulbulia, Parent


Headfort children have the privilege of bringing their own ponies back to school (though they are shared among all riders). Our riders are taught to understand animal behaviour and be sympathetic; they use our Junior Cross-Country course, and children learn not just to ride but to tack up and to look after the ponies (always under supervision). Children are encouraged to enter our annual Gymkhana and other pony competitions throughout the year.

The Great Outdoors

The breadth and scope of Headfort’s amenities is one of its particular strengths. With acres of lush woodland and fields on which to play and explore, life at Headfort also allows for wonderful nature walks, fort-building and all kinds of supervised adventure.

The approach to teaching in Headfort School epitomises effective education, where each child is valued, listened to and encouraged to reach their own individual potential.

Tracey Maree, Teacher

I've had many good teachers during my education, but my time at Headfort stands out as overall the happiest and most important time by far. It's great to see the school continuing that tradition with another generation of students.

Marco Herbst, Entrepreneur


Hockey is the principal game for girls in the autumn and spring terms and for boys in the spring term. Requiring deft hands and strong wrists rather than great physical strength, it is well suited to coeducation at the prep-school age, and at times the boys and girls do play together. The mixed First XI takes part in the under-13 Leinster league (winning the C league tournament for the first time in 2015). The girls’ team has a strong record of success over the years, recently joined the oddly-named Meath league (comprising schools from Meath, Louth, Cavan, Westmeath and Dublin), and enjoys occasional tours.

Learning to play, as part of a team or as an individual, to win and lose with grace, and to exercise the body as well as the mind, is an important part of daily life at Headfort.


Tennis goes on for most of the year, though usually not in the spring term. Children may sign up for formal lessons, but the courts are also available to them in Playtime.


Kells Swimming pool provides excellent instruction and children may elect to go for lessons once a week. We have our own outdoor pool for recreational swimming, though this tends to happen in May and June only!


Although hockey has been the girls’ dominant sport in the autumn and spring terms, Headfort prides itself on being flexible. We like to respond to the interests of the children, and these interests vary from year to year and era to era and are currently working on a plan to improve basketball facilities especially for the girls.


The game enjoys a huge following and the children spend long hours playing it in all seasons, at weekends and in their free afternoons. ons, at weekends and in their free.


We are occasionally able to offer SNAG Golf as a games option — this is an excellent way to introduce children to the sport.pool for recreational swimming, though this tends to happen in May and June only!


Headfort children focus on Athletics primarily during the summer term,  practicing field events like the High Jump and Long Jump and, on the track, 100m, 200m and 400m. The culmination of the programme is our annual Sports Day, which takes place towards the end of term. In it the children run and jump in a variety of the events in front of a large gallery of appreciative parents.


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