Note From The Headmistress 31.01.2020

By January 31, 2020 News

Note from the Headmistress
31st January 2020

Notices and dates for your diary
Parent/Teacher meetings this term
Friday 14th February VI & UV Form from 11.00am to 1.00pm
Friday 13th March LV Form from 11.00am to 1.00pm

Focus Weeks
3rd – 7th February English Focus week
24th – 28th February French and Spanish Focus week.
2nd – 6th March Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Tuesday March 24th Junior Play & Senior Play 7.00 p.m.
Thursday March 26th Junior Play & Senior Play 7.00 p.m.
Refreshments both nights in the Front Hall from 6.30pm

Wednesday 5th February Girls Hockey v Drogheda Grammar Away 1.00pm
Tuesday 11th February Girls Hockey v Mercy Navan Home 12.30pm
Wednesday 12th February Boys Hockey v The King’s Hospital Away 2.00pm
Thursday 13th February Girls Hockey Blitz Rathdown Away 1.00pm

Taster Day
A taster day for prospective pupils will take place on Tuesday 11th February. If you know of friends or family who have children who may be interested in taking part in the taster day please ask them to contact Mary Maher at for more information.

For further information on upcoming parent teacher meetings, matches etc please check this link to our website calendar on a regular basis

Choices and consequences
Our focus last week in assembly was to think about the choices we have to make every day and how we make them. Six brave volunteers took part in a game whereby each pupil had to choose a cup which either resulted in winning a small prize or a forfeit. We all make lots of choices every day – some are big choices and lots are small ones. Usually, unlike picking the cup, we have more idea about what our choices are. With the cup each volunteer had no clue as to which was where (until the last person) but just like in the game, our choices have consequences. Our choices can have different kinds of outcomes; they can be helpful or not helpful to us and to others. The children reflected on the fact that our choices and how we choose to behave affects other people too, as we are all part of a bigger network of people – friends, school, family, community.

Scholarship Success
We would like to congratulate Juliette on her success in receiving Music Scholarship from Wesley College. A thank you to Mrs Shields, Mr Leyden & Mr Kieran McDonnell for supporting Juliette.

It has been another busy couple of weeks at Headfort including a trip to DreamSpace at Microsoft Ireland and a busy sporting schedule despite the unsettled weather.

Trip to DreamSpace at Microsoft
A big thank you to Mr Parker and Miss Peck for organising and accompanying the Lower 5th pupils to DreamSpace at Microsoft.

Both lower fifths went to DreamSpace, it was amazing! The building was designed around the idea that it was an island, because before DreamSpace was made it was an estate of houses. The Microsoft team had been spread out across loads of different locations but they decided that everyone should get together, which was why the office was built. Inside there was a technological waterfall just like on an island (as you can see in the background of this picture).On the left you can see pieces of wood piled on top of each other, that was formed to be like a rock. Enough about the building, now let me tell you what we did.
First off we had a tour around the building. Then we ate, it was delicious! While we were eating our host had a little remote that connected to two TV’s and showed us some things that they do here. One of the things that she showed us was Anne who is blind, she has no way to see, 100% blind. But now she has an app on her phone when someone comes near her, her phone says “person 2meters away’’ But it had a special feature, you could save photos so for her sister, it would say (her sister’s name) is 3 meters away. After she showed us a short video. She showed an astonishing little thing called SPHERO.
Sphero was a programmable sphere that was connected to an iPad. There were 12 sphero’s and 12 iPads!! We logged into a program then played with our spheros by controlling them on our iPads. We sat back down and she explained what we were doing next. We went on to CODE!
We wrote a special code so that Sphereo would go around a box exactly on the line. This prepared us for the final challenge. You are probably wondering what the final challenge was. It was a RACE!! First we had to make a chariot for our Sphereos to carry marbles (without letting them fall) from one side of the room to the other. It was so much fun (you may be able to see a short video on the Facebook page soon)!
We all had the most amazing time at DreamSpace, it will be something we will never forget. We would also like to thank DreamSpace for giving us such a wonderful time!! We hope we can go back soon!
Thank you so much,
Mr Parker, Ms Peck & all of LV

Science Blast Project
The Lower 5th have been busy in the Science Lab this term working on a project which is to be shown at this year’s Science Blast Exhibition in the RDS. The project is titled ‘ So where does our food really come from?’ and looks at how the food choices we make have an impact on our planet’s health. In January, on return to school, both classes had assembled a large collection of food packaging labels which formed the basis of our investigation. Using these labels, the children mapped the produce to the country of origin and worked out how far the food had travelled to get to our tables. Their results sparked discussions of produce that could be grown locally having been imported from other countries. Using distances travelled the children are now working out the Carbon footprint of transportation and how they can present this information. This project has raised other interesting issues for discussion such as seasonality and how the availability of different foods might have changed over the years.
The project, when completed, will be on display in the RDS on 3rd March 2020.
Mr Bolton

Junior Academics
Junior and senior infants along with first-class students made the most of our fantastic grounds and the dry weather as they undertook an outdoor walk as part of the SESE curriculum incorporating the theme of Winter. On the walk the children explored our environment using all of their senses as we discussed how Winter affects the weather and the clothes we wear. We spoke about seasonal changes that occur in all living things while observing our surroundings and how the changing seasons affect birds, trees, fruit and animals.

As the children continued to explore the wonderful outdoor space some of the first-class boys came across, and following further investigation from all of the children it was democratically decided that they had discovered five entrances to a badger’s sett. The first-class children provided junior and senior infants with details on a badger’s home and how the underground burrows comprise of long tunnels, with several entrances. They went on to explain that one badger sett was found with 150 entrances. The excitement among the children was palpable. A truly wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon.
Mrs Svensson

Some fun letter formation teaching strategies in junior infants.

Brothers make the best reading buddies!

The senior infant children engaging in imaginative construction play via the Aistear curriculum.
Ms Maree

Senior Academics

Upper Fifth Maths
Pupils have been studying three dimensional shapes – cubes and cuboids. To begin with they practiced finding the surface area and volume. Then by substituting values into the formula they learned how to find the third dimension when given the volume and the base area.
Everyone then had fun practicing some isometric drawings.
Mrs Kelly

Global Awareness Survey Result
As part of our Green School environmental review pupils took part in a Global Awareness Survey. We wanted to gauge the existing awareness levels of the different issues related to Global Citizenship.
The survey will be repeated this time next year.

The results for year one can be seen below.

 YesNoI Don't Know
Does your family give unwanted items to charity shops?22%10%68%
Have you had anything to eat or drink from an African, Asian or South American country this week?79%6%15%
Does your family buy Fairtrade products?26%0%74%
Does your family buy food grown by local farmers?71%5%24%
Do you think you have anything in common with someone living in a poorer part of the world?38%8%54%

 More than twice a yearLess than twice a yearNever
Do you participate in community clean-ups?19%23%58%

Mrs Kelly

Since returning from the Christmas break you will see from the calendar there is a flurry of hockey fixtures to be completed by both our senior boys and girls hockey teams.

The boys opened their league campaign with a very impressive 6-0 victory over Kings Hospital. A welcome home fixture allowed the boys to settle first game nerves and produce impressive passages of play, particularly as some members of the team only picked up a hockey stick for the first time a few weeks ago!

Tuesday saw both the senior boys & girls travel to Dundalk Grammar. The girls were first to play. It was clear early on the home side were well drilled and clinical, creating lots of play through our outside channels. Headfort rallied and challenged every ball tirelessly whilst adapting to the fast paced pitch, gradually developing their own play. As the game progressed the girls created some exciting attacks with several balls travelling agonisingly past our oppositions goal with the keeper already beaten.
The second half saw the deadlock broken when Dundalk scored to make it 1-0 after dominating the field of play. Headfort reacted immediately with superb work from the midfield, feeding the forwards and creating a couple more goal scoring opportunities. The hard work was awarded when the girls won a short corner where they equalised to make it 1-1. Dundalk proceeded to push hard for the win but Headfort held on for a well-deserved draw.

It was the boys turn to step onto the pitch after watching the girls game, their first experience playing on astro. Dundalk, again were a physically large and experienced team, however, never to be phased, the boys spent the majority of the first half chasing the game whilst adapting to the new surface. Headfort’s defence with their ‘never give up’ attitude kept them in touch, breaking down Dundalk’s attacking play. Several short corners were conceded but our opposition struggled to beat Headfort’s set piece with some wonderful saves from our keeper.
The boys grew in confidence and their ability to play in the second half with a flurry of attacks, testing Dundalk’s defence. Finishing with several attacking short corners Headfort were unable to find the back of the net.
Well done boys on a fantastically fought 0-0 draw.

We have our annual return hockey blitz in Rathdown to look forward to for our VI, UV & LV girls, Thursday 13th February.

Lastly, Headfort will be entering 4 teams into the Meath Cross Country Championships. There are two age groups, Boys & Girls U11’s and U13’s. As soon as the date is released it will be added to the calendar.
Mrs Chamberlayne