Note From The Headmistress 14.02.2020

By February 14, 2020 News

Note from the Headmistress

14th February 2020

 Notices and dates for your diary

Parent/Teacher meetings this term

Friday 13th March LV Form from 11.00am to 1.00pm

Focus Weeks

24th – 28th February French and Spanish Focus week.

2nd – 6th March Seachtain na Gaeilge.


Tuesday March 24th Junior Play & Senior Play  7.00 p.m.

Thursday March 26th Junior Play & Senior Play  7.00 p.m.

Refreshments both nights in the Front Hall from 6.30pm


Wednesday 26th February Boys Hockey v Sutton Park Home 1.00pm

More fixtures to be confirmed

Term Dates

Provisional term dates for the academic year September 2020 to June 2021 can be viewed here:

For further information on upcoming parent teacher meetings, matches etc please check this link to our website calendar on a regular basis


Valentine’s Day

The children were very excited today as it was Valentine’s Day. Like the world over, some of the children celebrated the day by giving cards and gifts to each other. But love is so much bigger than sharing cards, giving teddy bears and eating chocolates. We all need to feel loved and to show love to others in the way that we care for them, show them kindness and think about others and what they need. Love is not something to be embarrassed about; it’s something that we can all celebrate!

In today’s assembly we considered various types of love. St Valentine was about romantic love and Joan of Arc was about patriotic love, for example. Money doesn’t always come into the ways that we can show love for each other. What matters is the sacrifice that we sometimes have to make to show that love. What sacrifice would we be willing to make for someone whom we love today? We could sacrifice more time for example to be with the ones we love. Another sacrifice would be effort, the effort to be kind when we’re feeling grumpy. The effort to do things that we wouldn’t normally choose, the effort to compromise and the effort to please another person. And the hardest sacrifice of all: what would we be willing to give up or lose, in order to keep the relationships that we value today? As time goes on, there are choices that we’ll have to make. Each of us has hopes and ambitions for the future. We have sets of values and beliefs, many of which stem from our family background. Lasting love entails choices and some choices may be hard. They can easily affect the rest of our life. The choice that we make should always be to hold on to what means the most to us. Love is about creating something that’s worth the sacrifice.

Of course, love is important every day, not just on Valentine’s Day, but it can be a good opportunity to focus our thoughts. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

English Week

Lots of fun and learning took place during English Week 2020!

Every lesson started off with an interactive game that encouraged the development of English skills through language. The children especially enjoyed a game called ‘salad bowl’, where they had to describe a noun which their teammates would then have to guess correctly in order to win points.

During every class, we took time out to examine some words which the children may be unfamiliar with. We explored their meaning through discussion, dictionary work and looking at synonyms. We then thought about how they can be used within a sentence.

The theme of the week was ‘Comic Strips’. We spent the week exploring what they are, and how they can be used to convey a story or message.

The children then went on to identify the features and key elements of a good comic strip. Once they understood what needed to be included, the children then planned and produced their own 6/7 frame strip. A focus on grammar, direct speech and interesting vocabulary was considered throughout.

The children have produced some amazing pieces of work which demonstrate humour, strong plot lines and imaginative characters. Well done guys!

Mrs Lawson Clarke

Snow Days


The senior girls hockey team travelled to Drogheda to play the first of 2 matches last week.

The opposition started out as the stronger side with Headfort finding themselves scrambling at times to gain possession whilst adjusting to the fast paced surface. Drogheda continued to press Headfort’s defence and capitalised scoring mid-way through the first half. Headfort reacted immediately and began troubling the opposition’s defence.

The 2nd half saw the girls completely dominating, stringing together wonderful passages of play creating an abundance of open play and short corner opportunities with the oppositions keeper having to make many saves.

Unfortunately Headfort couldn’t capitalise on all their possession and the game finished 1-0.

The Drogheda umpire couldn’t speak highly enough of the girls display saying it’s the best hockey she’s seen Headfort play in the last 5 years! Super effort and commitment. Well done team!

After a day of rest the girls were delighted to welcome Mercy Navan to our home pitch for their last league fixture.

Headfort followed on with another very strong performance but this time finding the net with ease closing the season out with a 6-0 win.

Mrs Chamberlayne

Message from Mrs Jenkins

Reminder that all items of uniform and games clothes must be clearly labelled. Thank you for your support with this.

Save the Date!


Dr Wall