Note From The Headmistress 13.12.19

By December 13, 2019 News

Note from the Headmistress
13th December 2019

Notices and dates for your diary
Monday 6th January Staff Training Day
New boarders return between 5.00 & 6.00pm All other boarders return between 7.00 & 7.30pm
Tuesday 7th January Junior & Senior Infants & 1st class school starts at 8.45am
II to VI Form school starts at 9.30am
Parent Teacher meeting II, III & IV Forms on Friday 24th January from 11am to 1pm
Exeat Friday 24th January school closes at 1.00pm
Monday 27th January Boarders return by 7.30pm
Tuesday 28th January Junior Infants to VI Form day pupils return at 8.30am
Parent Teacher meeting UV & VI Forms on Friday 14th February from 11am to 1pm
Half Term break Starts at 1pm on Friday 14th February
Sunday 23rd February Boarders return by 7.30pm
Monday 24th February Junior Infants to VI Form day pupils return at 8.30am

For further information on upcoming parent teacher meetings, matches etc please check this link to our website calendar on a regular basis

Extra-Curricular Activities
We would be grateful if would complete the attached form should your child wish to sign up to participate in any of the various extra-curricular classes on offer from January.

We offer lessons in all of the following pursuits within the normal school day: tennis (September – December and April – June), swimming, riding, cookery and music.

In the realm of music, pupils can choose from the following: piano, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, flute, recorder and drums; violin and cello classes may also be possible if there is enough of an uptake.

Carpentry takes place in the evening (18.30 – 19.30 on Monday or Tuesday), so parents of day pupils take note.

Some extras (for example, cookery) have fixed numbers, which will mean that some children will be disappointed.

A good recommendation for the children is to take two or three extras – perhaps as many as four if they are very keen – but not to try to do everything. Aside from breaking the bank, taking too many activities will make it harder for them to focus properly on any of them.

Please complete the ‘Extras-Curricular Activities Parent Consent’ form attached here and return it and the payment to Marguerite Morgan C/O Headfort School Kells Co Meath or via e-mail to Bank details are on the form for those who wish to pay by EFT. Your child will only be signed up to the chosen class when a fully completed form and the appropriate payment are received.

‘Customs and Traditions’
There are very few people in the world today who do not know what the Christmas holiday is all about. Today, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago. However, the holding of a midwinter holiday did not start with the birth of Christ and many traditions that we keep during the Christmas holiday season began way before his birth. Exchanging gifts, decorating trees and the burning of the Yule log are all winter traditions that began long before the Christian religion but were eventually incorporated into the holiday that became known as Christmas.
As I said at the Public Speaking Cup event on Sunday evening, you won’t be surprised to hear that no two days have been the same this term. It has been a very busy but rewarding term and although some days have been more challenging than others, I am constantly reassured by the enthusiasm and energy the children bring to the school community. One of the unique things about Headfort is its customs and traditions especially at this time of year. Sunday evening saw us host the Senior Public Speaking and the Potts Cups for the Junior children. All the children should be extremely proud of their endeavours. Congratulations to Lucy Mangan on her success in the Senior Competition and Isabelle Carroll-Breen in the Potts Cup. Of course, the competitions wouldn’t take place but for the dedication of two people, Mr and Mrs Leyden. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for once again for providing the children with such an amazing opportunity to excel.

Despite illness, the children have shown great resilience. Their determination to continue rehearsals and practice for the Lower 5th Play and the Carol Service is impressive. They don’t want to let their friends or the school down which is admirable to see. The children are so fortunate to have a team of teachers and staff that are so generous with their time and the opportunities that they provide for them. These end of term events not only enrich but enhance their learning experience. A special thanks to Mrs Lawson Clarke and Mrs Shields.

II Form Maths
Mrs Caroline Purvis will be teaching II Form Maths for the remainder of this academic year. The children were introduced to Mrs Purvis on Thursday. I’d like to thank Mrs Aileen Clarke for supporting the children over the past few weeks.

Junior Pupils
The Junior, Senior Infants and First class have been very busy as usual! On Friday 6th December, the children presented an assembly on ‘The Planets’ to the senior school.
This picture captures the pupils experience in the Art Room where they used the surrounding drawings as inspiration for their own creations.

Making Miss Maria’s “award winning” brown bread.

Yesterday evening saw us hold the annual Christmas Dinner for the children. Santa Claus paid a visit and great fun was had by all.

Finally, well done to all the children who have contributed to and/or taken part in art, drama, music and sporting events this term. You have done Headfort proud as always!

Pupil Survey – a reminder
I would also like to give our children an opportunity to provide their feedback too. I would be very grateful if you could ask your child to take part in the survey by clicking on the following link:
If you are experiencing problems with the link, please email me directly at

Thank You

A big thank you to all who purchased the Headfort Chronicle. Your donations will go to Temple Street Children’s Hospital and the Dear Ear Charity.

A reminder from Mrs Jenkins, Head Matron, for the Boarders

1.BLAZER UNIFORM: to be worn only for exeat weekends, start and end of term and school events (either in house or away from school).

2. GREY UNIFORM: On a regular Friday, children to change into clean grey uniform on Friday mornings if they are going home or going out for the weekend. These children must check out wearing their Headfort red jacket. Children staying in for weekend collect their weekend clothes on Friday mornings at designated time given by Matron on duty.

3. REMINDER: Please make sure any new clothes, equipment for sports, footwear, etc. brought back to school MUST be named clearly by parents/guardians.

4. ANY child on new medications or have injuries during the holidays, please make the Matron on duty aware of this in writing and if their child is fit for games.

Summer Camp 2020-Advance notice
Headfort School will be the venue for a new Summer Camp starting in June 2020. The camp will be run by Aengus O Connor of Connemara Maths Academy (CMA).
At CMA Summer Camps students are welcomed from Ireland and from all over the globe. In 2019 we welcomed students from over 30 nations worldwide and from all over Ireland.

At CMA summer camps students enjoy an incredible mix of STEM, Adventure Activities, Team Sports & Creative Technologies in a fun-filled action packed week.

Learning through discovery, creativity and adventure is the corner stone of our educational philosophy, promoting critical thinking, problem solving and educated risk taking through challenging, stimulating and intensive residential programmes and summer camps at Headfort School in County Meath and at Rockwell College in County Tipperary on Ireland’s Ancient East Age range 8-17 yrs.

We are delighted to offer students of Headfort School (and their siblings) the following special rates:
Residential rate: €750 per week
Day attendance rate: (for students living locally) €600 per week; Mon to Fri 9.30am to 9.30 pm

For further information please see our website or contact Aengus or Kim at or call 095 31925.

Places can be booked directly online through our website using credit/debit cards, Bank Transfers or PayPal.