Montessori November Newsletter 2014

By December 5, 2014 Early Years

November has been another exciting and extremely quick month. With this in mind we are really happy to share with you our work and achievements.


Week 9: The Food Pyramid

Sound: r “rrr” (tigers on tiptoes)

Numeral: 7       Colour: Purple (Corcra)

New Learning: The food pyramid, carbohydrates (bread, cereal, rice and pasta) fruit and vegetables, dairy products, oils and top shelf goodies.

Aims and Objectives: This theme was chosen based on the fact that childhood obesity has both immediate and long-term effects on children’s overall health and well-being. Beginning in early childhood we can promote practices that support long-term healthy eating habits and behaviours.

From this heightened awareness the children are enjoying locating their snack foods on our classroom food pyramid and Paddy is busy building us one to take pride of place in our new classroom.


Week 10: National Science Week

Sound: i “ih” (Indians itching)

Numeral: 8       Colour: White (Bán)

New Learning: sink and float, forming hypothesis, experimentation, cause and effect.

Aims and Objectives: The aim of Science Week was to promote the relevance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in our everyday lives and to demonstrate their importance to the future development of Irish society and to the economy.

Children are naturally wonderful at asking questions about the world around them, and these science activities and experiments have given their young minds the skills they need to seek answers and view the world scientifically.


Week 11: Inclusion and Diversity

Sound: b “buh” (balls are bouncing)

Numeral: 9       Colour: Black (Dubh)

New Learning: emotions, happy, sad, angry, lonely and scared, discrimination, celebrating differences and inclusion.

Aims and Objectives: A child who understands and can deal with their emotions has “emotional competence.” This means they can express their feelings appropriately (e.g. smile if happy). They can identify what they are feeling and what other people are feeling, and they can modify (or change) their emotions to better deal with certain situations (e.g. calm themselves down when they’re angry). Children with emotional competence are likely to do well in school and engage in positive relationships with other children and family members. Emotional regulation is an essential and often underemphasized feature of future positive mental health.


Week 12: 3D Geometric Solids

Sound: f “fff” (five flamingos)

Numeral: 10     Colour: Brown (Donn)

New Learning: 3 Dimensional (fat not flat), geometric solids, cube, cone, sphere, cylinder, cuboid, faces, vertex, vertices and edges.


Aims and Objectives: The children have spent the week activating their stereognostic sense by touching and feeling the 3 dimensional geometric solids. The development of the stereognostic sense is an important part of the child’s work in the Sensorial area of the Montessori curriculum. Just as important as any of the other senses, the stereognostic sense allows the child to discriminate size and shape through the use of touch. Dr. Montessori wrote “When the hand and arm are moved about an object, an impression of movement is added to that touch. Such an impression is attributed to a special, sixth sense, which is called a muscular sense, and which permits many impressions to be stored in a “muscular memory”, which recalls movements that have been made.” This sense forms the basis of abstract (mental) thought and knowledge acquisition.


Parents’ Information:

Ms. Sinead and I have just completed our Healthy Ireland Smart Start Training programme. We are now tasked with implementing the course syllabus and holding a parents evening to disseminate the information. This will most likely be held at the end of January. A date will be confirmed in due course with plenty of notice. We really require your support in this event as it is a compulsory element of our attempt to achieve at least 80% of the programme performance indicators. We work extremely hard at promoting strong minds and building the children’s “I can do” attitudes, confidence and self-esteem and we really have our hearts set on becoming one of Ireland’s first Health Promoting Pre-Schools.


Parents’ Information Station:

Please continue to contribute to our Sounds of the week table. The National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People 2011-2020 seeks to promote a better understanding of the critical importance of supporting the development of children’s ability to become effective communicators from their earliest years and highlights the key role played by us all, parents, families and communities in this regard.

Holly, one of our very beautiful students, has had her hair measured and will have it cut on November 28th and donated to Rapunzel’s children’s hair charity which provide wigs and hair pieces for children who have lost their hair, like Sophie, a local two year old battling leukaemia. We are so very proud of you Holly.


  • We began our extended afternoon sessions which are proving very popular.
  • We baked a chocolate marble birthday cake to celebrate Ếirinn’s fourth birthday.
  • We also baked scones and enjoyed them hot with melted butter for snack.
  • On Thursday the 6th we arrived in school to be greeted by the most magnificent swan that had somehow lost direction and ended up in Headfort School. The excitement was palpable and initiated a spontaneous lesson plan on swans, an adventure to take a closer look and a delicious hot chocolate to warm us up on our return.
  • On Wednesday the 19th we really enjoyed and benefited greatly from Maiah’s dad Bernard coming to visit us and talking to us about discrimination and minority groups. His really appropriate presentation reminded us to celebrate our differences and work together to make sure everyone is included and has access to equal opportunities.
  • The emotions we are identifying and labeling include; happy, sad, angry, lonely and scared. Our emotion puppets and images are really helping the children to express and manage their feelings.
  • The children are really enjoying singing along to our new ‘Frozen’ CD.
  • We will make a special appearance at the Senior School’s Christmas carol service on December 12th at 11am. Our part will be fleeting and we will return directly to class. However, the Senior School does invite you to attend.
  • We are busy preparing for our own Christmas play which we will host in our new classroom on Thursday morning December 18th at 11am. We welcome you and your families to join us.

Thanks again for your parental co-operation and support. We really appreciate it.

Tracey Maree & Sinead Darby