It is the mission of Headfort School to:

Educate children thoroughly, both in the classroom and out: to nourish and supplement facts and figures with experience in order to equip children with an education for life in a rapidly changing world;

Commit to effective communication with every child, in order to create and foster connections between peers, and particularly between child and teacher;

Ensure that pupils feel a sense of enjoyment in their own learning, and to see the benefits their education has in their immediate world, so as to encourage students to view themselves as partners in their own education;

Encourage critical, rather than dutiful, thinking;

Foster each child’s sense of responsibility to the community and to society at large; to ensure that children become aware of the qualities of kindness and helpfulness to others while at school, so that they can draw on these traits throughout their lives;

Show that true education is a means of attaining freedom, rather than a word for confinement, and to liberate each student from unexamined opinions and inherited prejudices;

Encourage, welcome and value diversity of all types;

Recognise and respect the individuality, interests, strengths, foibles and character of each child, and empower each child to build on strengths and on confidence, while also addressing weaker areas, in order to encourage the development of well-rounded, independent and dependable individuals.