While we teach children the national curriculum and prepare children for entrance exams to secondary schools (including the UK Common Entrance exams), the staff at Headfort work to do more than ensure that every child excels at these tests: we educate children for a rapidly changing world, and provide them with information and tools they can rely on – a Headfort education is an education for life.

Learning Styles

Children have different ways of learning. Some teachers use terms such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic to describe different learning ‘styles’, though there is much debate about these terms. Terminology aside, we pride ourselves on working on each and every child’s individual needs, preferences and weaknesses, while also encouraging and training pupils to approach subjects from a variety of perspectives. At Headfort, learning is not just the destination – it’s also the journey.

Learning Support

Headfort provides one-on-one tuition support for children who have been identified as requiring extra assistance with Headfort’s curricular and, if necessary, extra-curricular activities. Teachers work in tandem with our learning support professionals to ensure that all children feel comfortable and at home with every subject.

We can't imagine a better pre-school education for our child. The teachers are nurturing, lots of fun and truly inspirational. Our child is provided with the freedom to explore and learn but also the opportunity to develop her social skills in truly delightful surroundings.

Breda Goodall, Montessori and Junior School Parent

I have two children at Headfort who have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the school. Personally I have been impressed with the teachers and the individual attention they give each child. My two younger children will definitely be going.

Anthony Rogers, Parent

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We are strict with regard to the time children
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Our teaching programme makes use both of the Irish Primary curriculum and the UK Common Entrance curriculum.

The Curriculum

Headfort offers what we call a ‘Primary Plus’ core academic curriculum, whereby subject specialists teach English, Maths, French, History, Geography, Science (in a fully equipped laboratory), Art and Design, Religion and Computing. There is a choice between Latin and Irish. We also have Singing classes (for the junior pupils), as well as classes in Current Affairs and SPHE (Social and Physical Health Education).

Our dedicated, experienced staff adapts itself to the Irish primary curriculum as well as the entrance requirements of Irish secondary schools and the UK Common Entrance curriculum. We have a flexible approach to promoting children up through the school, without necessarily waiting an entire year to move children — while always making sure that the promotion system does not leave gaps in their knowledge. We deem this considerable extra effort to be worthwhile as it ensures that we have a system that can address the needs of every child. In terms of external assessment, we run the widely respected Educational Research Centre tests every year in the Spring term, without the kind of preparation that might skew the results. These tests form a useful guide as to the general progress of each child. They tell us precisely how well we are doing in the areas of reading, comprehension and Mathematics, and evaluate our children against other primary school children in Ireland;

Results of late confirm that our academic standards are among the highest. Children are prepared for entry and scholarships to the top Irish secondary and UK public schools. Recent destinations have included Alexandra College, Belevedere College, Campbell College, Clongowes, Dundalk Grammar School, Eureka Secondary School, Loreto Secondary School, Rathdown and St. Columba’s in Ireland; Ampleforth, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Eton, Harrow, Marlborough and St Mary’s Calne in the UK, among many others. Individual attention to every child is Headfort’s greatest strength, and we work to ensure that children are partners in their own education.


Multiple Intelligences

Over the last decade, Howard Gardner’s influential theory of ‘multiple intelligences’ has revolutionised the way many teachers think of the learning process. Gardner suggested that there are approximately nine human intelligences but that just two — verbal/linguistic intelligence and logical/mathematical intelligence — continue to dominate the teaching approach in traditional schooling.

Headfort’s teachers do not by any means all subscribe to Gardner’s theories in any disciple-like fashion, but they do pride themselves in educating the ‘whole child’ and in making sure that they nurture and strengthen pupils in as many arenas and through as many approaches as possible.

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