What is Headfort?

Headfort is a unique, independent day and boarding school for children aged between 3 and 13. We are based just off the M3, an hour’s drive from Dublin, just outside Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland.


Does Headfort do National Standardised Tests?

Yes. Headfort assesses its pupils in Dept of Education standardised tests, as well as preparing them for secondary-school entrance tests including the UK Common Entrance exams.


Does Headfort teach Irish?

Yes. We offer families a choice between Irish and Latin. Please see the full range of subjects, plus sporting and extra-curricular activities, listed in the ‘Learn’ section of the website.


How often can I see my child (if he/she is a boarder)?

As often as you like. Parents regularly visit on a Wednesday evening and take their children out for a meal, and parents are also encouraged to attend sporting fixtures, theatrical performances, concerts, and other school activities. Many children go home with their parents for the weekend. Headfort is flexible and designed to suit you and your child.


Why is Headfort so expensive?

As a parent or guardian, you will know that taking care of the educational and pastoral needs of children, 24 hours a day, is a full-time challenge involving a range of facilities and personnel. Besides a world-class education, Headfort provides structured play-times, a wealth of extra-curricular activities, complete pastoral care and child-care professionals that are on-hand 24 hours a day. For day pupils the school day goes until 6pm (and later, if a child wants to take part in an evening activity), so parents with two jobs have no need to spend on child-care. Meanwhile, schools similar to Headfort in the UK charge nearly double the Headfort fees.


What options does my child have after Headfort?

There are many options for Headfort children. We send our pupils to a wide range of schools throughout Ireland, and the UK. In recent years, our children have gone on to schools such as Alexandra College, Cavan Royal, Clongowes, Dundalk Grammar, the Eureka Secondary School, King’s Hospital, Newtown, Rathdown, St. Columba’s, and Wilson’s Hospital in Ireland; and Ampleforth, Cheltenham Ladies, Eton, Harrow, Marlborough and Shrewsbury (among others) in the UK.


Can my child just come to Headfort for a term?

Yes – though naturally, the longer a child is immersed in all that Headfort offers, the greater the advantages for that child.


Can my child just try Headfort for a day?

Absolutely. We encourage prospective families to send children for ‘tasters’, either for the day or, if you’re considering boarding, for an overnight visit.


Does Headfort cater to students from abroad?

Yes. Headfort enjoys a real diversity of students and our current enrollment includes children who travel to us from France, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia and Spain. We do however limit the numbers of any one foreign language group at any particular age.


What religion is Headfort?

Headfort is proud to be non-denominational. We do, however, teach religion, taking an inclusive approach and introducing our pupils to multiple variations of Christianity as well as other major world religions. We hold First Communion services when we have a quorum of pupils whose parents request it; we can also prepare pupils for Confirmation.


What if my child is dyslexic?

We have an in-school dyslexia specialist who gives dyslexic pupils one-to-one support.


What if my child is unhappy at Headfort?

We have a highly experienced, warm and caring pastoral care team that works hard to ensure that each child has a happy Headfort experience. The staff and Headmaster will keep you up-to-date on your child’s happiness and well-being.


Are there any discounts or bursaries available?

Yes. We offer sibling discounts. Further, Headfort has been developing a bursary fund in order to help support children from families that would not otherwise be able to afford Headfort. Please ask the Headmaster for more details.


What if my child is being bullied?

We have a professionally developed anti-bullying policy and anti-bullying procedures. We take every bullying situation very seriously, and devote considerable time and resources toward supporting the bullied child and educating the perpetrator/bully.


What is the teacher-child ratio in Headfort?

The average class size is 12 to 15 students.


Are your teachers qualified?

Yes, our teachers are qualified. Many have specific teaching qualifications, and others have degrees (including advanced degrees) in their subjects. At Headfort we use a subject-teaching approach, so for us qualification in a given subject is more important than in most primary schools.