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By December 10, 2014 News

On Friday 5th December, Mary Kelly and I brought the children of Lower 5, less Katie T whom we very much missed, on a hike along the Monaghan Way from outside Carrickmacross to Castleblayney along the Ulster border.

This was a 21 km hike over an interesting variety of ground and the weather was set to be perfect; we anticipated clear skies and temperatures of about 4 or 5 degrees, ideal walking weather. The weather did what was expected of it, except that there was a downpour of very cold rain halfway through the walk, at a time when, fortunately, we were within easy reach of a farmer’s shed where we able to sit it out.

We were impressed by the trail and the amount of work that the County Council has put into it. The path goes very much off-road and off-track, through fields and along railway lines, and is always well sign-posted. The parts of the walk along the Fane River and Lake Ross were really spectacular in the winter sunshine.

The children faced up to the hike with typical Headfort spirit and behaved well without exception. We finished up our six-hour walk with a supper of hot soup and chicken-and-chips in a pub in Castleblayney. Many thanks to all the parents for preparing the children.