Busy at Maths in 2nd Form

By January 21, 2020 News


Mrs Purvis and 2nd Form have been very busy in Maths class since Christmas break.  The children have been working on 2D and 3D shapes and have compiled their own unique art work using 2D shapes.  To-day the children engaged in some hands on learning using clocks, dominos, number wheels and pegs to consolidate learning over the past two weeks.

Here is a very ‘Timely’ article relating to the importance of telling the time for children.  This is a skill they will use in daily life as they plan their schedule, read bus or train t table etc.  Analog clocks are important as they help children understand the passage of time as the child can follow the hands which move consistently.  They can then relate this to the digital clock.  Please encourage the children to practice their learning in a fun way.  They can practice elapsed time by calculating their journey time to school this week!

Telling the Time – Kilgraston School Scotland