Boarding Fees (from September 2018)

Boarding – under 10 on first day of term €4,590 per term
Boarding – over 10 on first day of term €5,690 per term

* There are 3 terms in the academic year

International Students

There is a surcharge of €1000 per term (€3000 per year) for all children who are not resident in Ireland. This is to reflect the fact that during weekends international pupils make far greater use of the school’s boarding facilities and have greater access to the Headfort staff than do children resident in Ireland.

Loyalty Discount

For every full year completed, your child will be entitled to a €200 discount off their annual fees. Fees will need to be paid in full before the start of term in order to secure the loyalty discount, which does not apply in addition to bursary awards.
Please do not deduct the discount from your payment as then fees will be deemed not to have been paid in full.