An Education That Lasts a Lifetime

At Headfort, learning is a way of life. Whether in the specialist classrooms or in the magical grounds, the 24-hour staff are completely committed to ensuring that each and every child does more than learn well and play hard in a beautiful and safe environment – at Headfort, our mission is to ensure that your child thrives.


At Headfort, your child will Learn the educational fundamentals and values that will nourish them for the rest of their lives.

With an unwavering commitment to each and every child’s learning, a Headfort education is like no other. While we teach children the national curriculum and work to standardised tests, the staff at Headfort work to do more than ensure that every child excels at these: we educate children for a rapidly changing world, and provide with them with information and tools they can rely on – a Headfort education is an education for life.

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They will Play, building lifelong friendships in the forest forts, on the sports fields and along the corridors of Headfort house.

Headfort’s unparalleled grounds and sporting amenities provide acres on which children can play and explore in a safe environment, under the diligent care of experienced teaching and pastoral staff. Facts and figures are supplemented with experience through play, and whether in the classroom or outside, all children are encouraged to become partners in their own education, and to feel enjoyment in their own learning.

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Above all, they will Thrive as rounded, happy individuals, fully equipped for a rapidly changing world.

Headfort is a magical learning environment for children, where they are encouraged through learning and playing to be critical, rather than dutiful, thinkers. At Headfort, we know that education is a means of liberation, rather than confinement. We empower children, building on their innate strengths to enable them to become thoughtful, independent and dependable. We work for more than excellent grades: at Headfort, we make sure that every child thrives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you all so much for everything you have done for Eliza, she has benefited in so many ways from being at Headfort, and it was absolutely the right place to send her.

Holly & James Somerville, Parents

My three years at Headfort were the most fun and formative of my educational career. Thank you.

Marco Herbst, Past Pupil & Entrepreneur

The Headfort education is about so much more than a first-rate education and an excellent preparation for secondary school – it also instilled in me principles of community and independence. Maybe even more importantly, I loved just about every minute!

Sarah Davis-Goff, Past Pupil & Publisher


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