Perhaps the greatest asset the school can offer is its staff. These people work long hours to look after children. It takes a special kind of dedication. The day starts at 7.30 a.m. and finishes at 9.30 p.m. Supervision must be exhaustive and therefore the workload on the Staff is correspondingly high. Members of staff often spend at least ten hours a day at school. The classroom is only a part of it, albeit the most important part. The staff serve as mentors and confidantes of the children. Everyone is a carer: teachers, domestic staff, maintenance staff, matrons – all can be glimpsed spending time with children and helping them. There is a familial feel to the relationships between adults and children; the proportions are strikingly similar to those of a family, and Headfort has always managed to attract and retain a devoted staff.

Academically, children at Headfort benefit from the fact that they are taught by specialists. Unlike in most primary schools, where children are taught mainly by just one teacher, at Headfort each subject is taught by a different teacher. Consequently, teachers are able to teach to their own strengths, with concomitant results on the part of the pupils.

Further, this system means that children get the opportunity to relate to a range of adults in the course of their daily lives, rather than spending a whole term or year in the class of one individual teacher with whom they may or may not have a rapport.

Headfort School Staff

Dermot Dix


History, Religion, Hockey

Academic Teaching Staff

Mark Archer

IV Form Tutor, French, History

Karen Bennett

Learning Support, Junior English, Junior Maths

Michael Bolton


Science, Rugby coach, Theatre

Geraldine Colley

II & III Form Tutor & Class Teacher, English, Irish, Geography

Mary Kelly

LV Form Tutor, Maths, Geography & Learning Support

Amanda Leyden

UV Form Tutor, English, Learning Support & Scholarships

John Leyden

VI Form Tutor, English, Latin, Maths, Religion,
Computer Studies & Director of Studies

Richard Parker

History, Computer Studies, Religion

Elizabeth Pratt-Jarvis

Art, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Science

Rosemarie Shields

Piano, Choir, Irish & Housekeeping

Neville Wilkinson


UV Form Tutor, Maths, Latin, Geography, Games Co-ordinator

Part-Time Teachers

Vickie Browne

Junior Riding

Philippa Collier


Declan Donnellan


Lingard Goulding


Kieran Holt


Mary Maher

Senior Riding

Kieran McDonnell


John McQuillan


Michael Smyth



Emma Finnegan


Mary Maher


Marguerite Morgan

Bursar, Accounts

Matron’s Department

Olive Butler

Assistant Matron

Tina Callaghan

Assistant Matron

Ilona Jenkins

Head Matron

Mary Maher

Assistant Matron

Chezang Rutto

Assistant Matron

Renee Ryan

Assistant Matron / Clothes


Susan Casey

Kathy McGonagle


Tina Callaghan

Tina Campbell

Patricia Gavin

Doreen Meehan

Linda Reilly

Marie Whitty



Paddy Coldrick

Peter Sheridan